What makes a photograph good?

There are several elements when it comes to photography which comes together in order to make an image to be considered a perfect one. Some of the elements include camera accessories tripod, the rule of thirds, lighting, shapes, lines, patterns, texture, and color. All of the aforementioned play quite an important role when it comes to photography. One of the main one is lighting


It is considered to be one essential element in photography. If you decide to take a photograph where the light is terrible, the image you take will be terrible also. There are various ways in which to be able to light a photograph. You can decide to use the natural light from the sun, or the artificial light from umbrella, ring light, soft box, model light or flash. When you take a photograph, you have to change the setting on the camera to allow the light to go through the lens and make the image to become lighter or darker the way you want.

The rule of the thirds

It is another important element which you can use to make a good photograph. The rule is basically that photographers utilize as a guideline for where to be able to place the subject in the image. The rule of the thirds is known to make the image to become visually appealing, catchy and more interesting. You can as well use the guideline horizontally or do it vertically, and it depends on the photograph itself.


Lines are known to be quite important to bring out the image to be appealing to the eye. They might not seem to be very important or useful, but they do add a lot of overall composition of an image. Lines serve two purposes when it comes to the photograph. That is to be able to lead the eye of the viewer around the photo and to keep the attention of the viewer.


Another element which the photographers utilize in making an image to becomes better is the shapes. Majority of the images do have one or more shapes, but the photos where the photographers use the shapes in a unique and interesting ways does stand out and brings out a good photo to become even better. Just like lines, shapes are known to help to catch the eye of the viewer.


It is also an element which is utilized when taking a good photograph. Texture refers to the surface of the object which has lines, shapes, patterns, color as well as depth. While being able to capture an image’s texture, details are known to be quite important. If the photographer is able to capture finer details, it makes the photograph to be lifelike.


Patterns are also added to a photograph to be added to the composition. Patterns are known to be repetition of shapes, colors and objects. Utilizing patterns is essential to having good composition in an image. Patterns are also known to give an added interest to the photo. Photographers normally add pattern to the images in keeping the attention of the viewers and drawing them in.

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