What is the movie genre? 

First of all, you have to select a genre to ดูหนังออนไลน์. The movies are classified into different categories like drama, comedy, sci-fi, etc. And these categories are known as the movie genre. It depends on the mood of a person like if he is looking for something exciting, he must go for the entertainment side. If he is having a hard time in life, he should watch a drama or comedy movie to cheer him/her up. To make you more clearly about genre’s here is the list of the genre,

Action genre: The action genre is associated with risk and stakes. In this genre, there are a bulk of fighting scenes, general danger, stunts, and car chases. The subgenre is classified into heroic bloodshed, military action, and espionage, an adventure that is associated with journey, some superheroes, and wonderland type settings. It includes the superhero that has some supernatural powers.

Animation genre: The genre is associated with an inanimate object that is manipulated on the computer, and they appear as living things. These are artificial characters controlled by the person operating the computer. The animation genre is of several types such as traditional animation, stop motion animation, clay motion, cutout animation, live-action, computer-generated imagery, and puppetry animation. All of this animation holds an important place in the animated genre.

Comedy genre: it includes the events that are intended to make someone smile, no matter how miserable the story is. Most people love this genre because who doesn’t want to laugh? The genre is sub-classified into a dark comedy, action comedy, romantic comedy, buddy comedy, road comedy, parody, slapstick comedy, spoof comedy, satire, and sitcoms, and sketchy comedy.

Crime genre: it is linked with the criminal justice system but doesn’t emphasize civil suits, legislation matters, and legal actions. In this genre, the heroes or villains are harder to find. The sub-genre includes caper, heist, gangster, cap (police), detective, and courtroom, procedural.

Drama genre: it is based on the conflicts that often look like reality. The main focus of this genre is on unique or intense situations and emotions that make the movie exciting and fun. Its sub-genre includes melodrama, teen drama, philosophical drama, anthropological drama, legal drama, medical drama, docu drama, religious and political drama.

Fantasy genre: the fantasy genre contains all the fictional movies that have nothing to with the earth. It includes an unrealistic set of natural laws made by inspired human myths. It holds an important place in teens and youngsters that are linked to human psychology and societal behaviors. The main focus is magic, mythical creatures, and supernatural elements. It is further classified into contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, high fantasy, and myths.

Historical genre: the historical genre is further classified, first deals with the accurate representation of historical heroes and event such as biographies, memoirs, and autobiographies. Second deals with fictional characters that are only for entertainment purposes. The subgenre includes historical events, biography, historical epic, period piece, historical fiction, and alternative history.