Types of online casino bonuses you can get

You can choose when playing online road games and one of them is simple but effective. Try to get the gifts, promotions and bonuses that are available in the online casino that you have chosen, since these bonuses are usually a specific amount of money that is added to your game balance, which can make it double, which translates into many hours of play without having to ruin or have to take out the wallet. As we have advised in previous articles you can search online and online casino comparators to make it much easier to see in a single glance the online casino bonuses that are available in each operator and you just have to choose the that you find more useful for the game you want to play, but you know what types of bonuses exist, What are their names and what are the requirements to achieve it? We’ll tell you about it here.

Bonus without deposit and bonuses with deposit choose the most suitable to play your favorite online casino games

We must make two differentiations between the types of bonds that exist, which would be the bonds with deposit and the bonds without deposit. To obtain the deposit bonus you need to make a previous deposit in your user account in order to obtain them and the non-deposit bonus can be yours just to register as a new user in the online casino you have chosen.

Bonuses without deposit: usually the bonus is usually lower than the bonuses with deposit, but the usefulness of these bonuses is enormous since it allows you to play for free to the games that the online casino has in its catalog of games without the need for any economic transaction. So if your intention is to try and test the online casino these bonuses are perfect, since if the casino you do not like are in time not to make any deposit and not to play in that casino.

The different advantages of acquiring deposit bonuses at online casinos and their different types

On the contrary, bonds with deposits offer a massive amount of money, but the condition that you must make a previous deposit, the minimum amounts to deposit are usually not very high around 10/20 $ so these bonds are worth getting them . When they say to make a deposit, does not mean that you have to spend everything in a single game, this will become your balance and you can play the amounts that you choose at all times. Most casinos offer between 100% -150% of the deposit that you choose to invest from a certain amount as discussed above.

Within this type of bond with deposit we can include the welcome or first deposit bonuses, which as you will imagine are bonuses for new players who make their deposit for the first time, many times they cover up to the third or fourth deposit even. You should not worry because once you get your first deposit bonus you can enjoy a multitude of loyalty promotions and bonuses, this means to stay in the online casino as a user.

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