Reasons Millennials Still Smoke, Despite Growing Up ‘Anti-Tobacco’

We all know smoking cigarettes is harmful to us. Even though people do comprehend the negative impact of cigarette smoking on health, people are still continuing to smoke these substances in bars, parties, and other occasions.

Despite the fact that all these people cannot seem to kick out the habit of smoking cigarette, which not only negatively affect their health but also puts second-hand smokers at health risk as they can inhale carbon monoxide emitted from the smoke fumes in the cigarette which combines with the hemoglobin is found in the red blood cells which later on causes respiratory diseases.

The center for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that approximately eighteen of every one hundred adults whose age range between eighteen or older are currently smoking a cigarette while eight percent of the total human population being teenagers; this was a study conducted in the year 2013 which means that an estimation of forty-two point one million adults in the United States alone is cigarette smokers.

Below is a list of all the excuses people tell themselves to justify their smoking habits and why they are entirely invalid:

  1. “Smoking socially once in a while isn’t bad for me. I won’t die from the occasional cigarette.”

The number of people who smoke tobacco and hookah kaufen is steadily reducing, while social smoking is significantly rising. This is according to a reveal by the National Institute Of Health.

Whether you smoke a cigarette or shisha once a day or only twice a week, you are still risking several health diseases such as lower respiratory tract infection, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, and an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.

  1. “If it’s so bad, why is everyone still doing it?”

Not many people are smoking as much as it seems as it was discovered years ago that these cigarette companies and hookah kaufen companies that they sometimes pay celebrities to smoke to endorse their products, which is not permitted nowadays.

You will rarely find a bar or a restaurant that will permit you to smoke within twenty feet of their premises.

Although cigarettes and other tobacco smoking products are still being used by several individuals, the manner in which cigarettes and other tobacco products and the individuals who smoke them are no longer viewed as a glamorized thing to do. Instead, many people comprehend that smoking is a bad habit, and they will definitely respect your decision if you decide not to smoke.

  1. “The guy is very cute and yet smokes. And I think I should ask him for cigarette to get an opportunity of talking to him”

Every time, you will hear friends talking about such  excuses to begin to smoke as they want to get a conversation started with a particular individual or show that  they are part of the gang and that it is  a good thing to be considered as a cool social life as a youth or prove that, you are the  adventurous person. This is the worst excuse you can have for smoking.


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