Most trusted Econs Tutor

Mr. Edmund Quek has taught over three thousand and six hundred students on a tuition basis over the last two decade and is the best econs tutor. Almost 75% of his students have attained distinction in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination.

The rest of the students scored a B. This comes to explain that 100% of his students in his economics tuition classes score an A or a B in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination each year. Many students have also come to increase the grade from a U to an A. Mr. Edmund Quek has the best number in JC economics tuition when compared to any other JC economics tutor in Singapore.


Exactly why is Education essential For Everybody?

Everyone must have a very good education. It’s a requirement of us to complete better in existence. Everyone knows concerning the quote that states “Education is paramount to success.” This is correct, in this way that we’re able to be effective and can achieve full of existence as educated. Beginning our childhood years, we’re being […]

Distance Education – Benefits and drawbacks

Today distance education is gaining huge momentum among students and dealing professionals. Distance education is an efficient method of applying education to students residing in distant remote areas. Here, you needn’t need to visit any college or attend regular classes education is imparted by correspondence and communication between institute and candidate. It’s very economical procedure […]