Misconceptions About Dental Implants 

Dental implants have been around for quite a while. They have become a popular tooth replacement option for people who may have lost their teeth in accidents or due to oral damage. Dental implants look exactly like your natural teeth, making them the best dental option for missing, crooked, cracked, chipped, and damaged teeth. 

Unfortunately, there are various misconceptions about dental implants surfacing the internet. Most of them have been passed down from generation to generation and are traditional beliefs. As times change, it is important to update yourself with the recent facts. To learn more about dental implants in King of Prussia, PA, consult a dentist today. 

Misconceptions about dental implants 

  • Dental implants look obvious to other people. 

People refuse to get dental implants because they believe everyone will notice they have “fake” teeth and make fun of them. This is not true at all. Most people cannot tell the difference between real teeth and dental implants because of how natural they look. Nobody will know unless you tell them yourself or they have a professional eye. 

  • Implants only last for 10 years. 

While 10 years is a long time in itself, dental implants can last longer than that when cared for in the right way. Studies have shown that dental implants can last for not one but several decades when you follow a proper oral care hygiene routine. You must also make sure to follow all the postoperative instructions provided by your dentist following the procedure. 

  • Getting implants is a painful process. 

Dental procedures used to be painful once upon a time, but that time has passed. The latest technology and methods have made it possible to get the most complex treatments done with minimal discomfort and pain. The procedure to get implants is not half as scary as it might seem when your dentist explains the process. Local anesthesia will be given to you before the procedure, ensuring you do not feel any pain at all. 

  • Implants are not for old people.

The fact is that age does not matter in determining whether someone is a good candidate for dental implants. Your restorative dentist will evaluate your dental health, including your jaw bone strength and gum tissue health. These are important in determining one’s candidacy for implants rather than their age. You can get implants regardless of your age. 

If you are considering dental implants but are confused about what they entail, you can visit your nearest dentist and clear your doubts.