How you can Add Capacity to The Laws and regulations of Magic

Comprehending the Laws and regulations of Magic is just a beginning. Now you have to start to use them inside your existence. With the addition of Correspondences, Affirmations and Magical Gestures for your creative work, you’ll amp in the power and produce the Laws and regulations from the World more firmly into alignment with what you’re creating.

The 4 Magical Laws and regulations are:

The Law of Self-discipline

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Astral Light

The Law of Imagination

The 4 Correspondences of these laws and regulations are:

The Law of Self-discipline- fire

The Law of Correspondence- water.

The law of Astral Light-air.

The Law of Imagination-earth

The 4 Affirmations of these laws and regulations are:

The Law of Willpower’s affirmation is, I’ll.

The Law of Correspondence’s affirmation is, I Select.

The Law of Astral Light’s affirmation is, I Create.

The Law of Imagination’s affirmation is, I See.

Listed here are the gestures/signs developed for use whenever using the magical laws and regulations

The Law of Self-discipline-The Manifestation of the Willing. While you condition the affirmation, I’ll, Touch your Third Eye using the first couple of fingers of the right hands. This gesture symbolizes your mental intent.

The Law of Correspondence-the Manifestation of Selecting. Symbolically gesture your selecting of specific forces and attributions inside your magic work by stretching the best arm straight before you. Point to return together with your pointer finger and condition the affirmation, I Select.

The Law of Astral Light-The Manifestation of Creating. Produce a power ball by cupping both hands before your Solar Plexus, right hands over the left hands. While causeing this to be gesture condition the affirmation, I Create.

The Law of Imagination-The Manifestation of Seeing. With hands, form a triangular out of your thumbs and fingers, your fingers pointing upward. Contain the triangular over your Third Eye together with your palms out. While you result in the affirmation of, , move your arms outward and slightly up above your mind as if you had been casting a specific item out in to the World.

To create the finest power to your magical work requires making use of your whole being, not only a chant or perhaps a wave of the wand. The Magical Laws and regulations with their correspondences, affirmations and gestures help ignite your desires and empower the manifestation process. For greater power, begin using these using the Triangular of Evocation. Read much more about the Triangular of Evocation within my article of the identical title.